I’m Going to Storage Field Day 11 #SFD11

Storage Field DayGuess who’s heading to Storage Field Day 11?

OK, you’ve already read the title, so you know it’s me, but that doesn’t make me any less excited about it.

It’s an honor to be chosen as a delegate for an event like this. This will be my third time as a Storage Field Day delegate, so this time I at least have some idea of what I’m getting myself into. Continue reading

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Avere Systems Announces New Complete Storage Solution

avere-c2nToday, Avere Systems announced its first complete storage solution. Avere is known for their Edge Filers that virtualize NAS systems and/or act as a file-access gateway to object storage.

The just-announced C2N solution combines Avere FXT Edge Filers with Avere’s own new scale-out object storage platform. This combination allows the C2N to be used as a standalone storage solution, while still using the FXT as to virtualize other NAS devices and as a gateway to other object storage platforms — either on- or off-premises. I’ll walk through the solution below. Continue reading

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Farewell, VMTurbo. Welcome, Turbonomic!

If you’re a regular reader, you know I’ve been a fan of VMTurbo from the start.

turbo-heartWell, as of a week ago, VMTurbo is no more. Don’t worry — they haven’t gone away, they’ve changed their name to Turbonomic, to rebrand themselves in the IT marketspace. The name change comes in three parts.

First, they lost the “VM”. This is part of a move to show that they’re not just for virtual environments any more. That’s where they got their start, and while their product monitoring and management functionality has expanded beyond that, a lot of folks still think of them in that “virtual-only” box.

Second, is “Turbo”. They kept this as part of their name because it still applies. The idea is that they can help your IT infrastructure perform at “Turbo speed”.

Lastly, the “nomic”. This comes from two sources. The first is the economic modeling that the Turbonomic algorithms use for resource allocation. The second is how they allow for autonomic management of the IT environment.

I’m looking forward to more new developments coming out under the new name.

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Minicast, Season 1, Episode 8: EMC Proven Professional with Kate Hutchinson

On Wednesday at EMC World, I caught up with Kate Hutchinson of EMC Educational Services. In the MiniCast episode with the least background noise so far, we talked about the EMC Proven Professional program and other educational services offered by EMC.

We recorded in a lounge space maybe 50 yards from where the Proven Professional testing center was set up, so I headed over to take a certification test after we wrapped up.

You can hear Kate’s perspective on technical education here:

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Minicast, Season 1, Episode 7: EMC TV with Greg McCarthy

On Wednesday at EMC World, I had the opportunity to do something I haven’t seen (or heard) done before:

I appeared on an episode of EMC TV while recording my podcast.

Or EMC TV guest-starred on my podcast while filming a video episode.

Yes, Greg McCarthy and I interviewed each other — while being broadcast live on-screen all around the conference.

It was a lot of fun doing the double-recording. We started the video first, and Greg started out interviewing me. Within the first minute, I started recording, too, live on camera, interviewing Greg. The video ended first, and we continued for the full 15 minutes of the Minicast.

When I can find a link to the video, I’ll post it here, but in the meantime you can listen to the audio here:

As a bonus, I was recording sound when the video started, so you can hear the beginning of the video here:

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Voting for Top vBlogs of 2016 is Open!

vote-button1vSphere-land is running the annual voting for the Top Virtualization Blogs (vBlogs) of 2016. There are so many good blogs out there Eric (who runs vSphere-Land) has made two changes to the voting this year:

  1. To qualify, a blog needs to have had at least 10 posts published in 2015.
  2. You can now vote for your 12 favorite blogs (up from 10 last year).

There are a lot of great blogs out there, many of them written by folks who are doing the work on their own time. If you’ve benefitted from reading them, help thank your favorite authors by taking a few minutes to vote for them.

And while I’d love your vote (I’m also in the categories Best Storage Blog and Best Independent Blog (just saying…)), it’s more important that you vote for the folks you’ve benefitted from.

Keep it classy, though. Every year Eric does a lot of work to stop folks from trying to work the system to get more votes for themselves. Don’t make his job harder on him.

Take a few minutes and vote for your favorites here.

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MiniCast, Season 1, Episode 6: Competitive Intelligence with Natalie Corridan-Gregg

On Monday at EMC World, Natalie Corridan-Gregg, Director of Competitive Intelligence for EMC held a session on Competitive Intelligence and Marketing. I wasn’t able to attend her session, but I was able to catch up with her on Tuesday to talk with her about it.

Full Disclosure: Earlier in my career, I worked in the Competitive Intelligence Group at EMC, and for a while reported directly to Natalie. So, obviously, the topic is one of great interest to me.

Natalie and I were able to take advantage of the EMC Radio space in the EMC Social Media Lounge to record our discussion live at EMC World. You can take a listen here.


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MiniCast, Season 1, Episode 5: EMC World Data Center with Stephan Voss

Tuesday morning at EMC World, the Solutions Expo was opened up early to allow Media and Analysts some time on the show floor when things would be less crowded. In the middle of the Expo floor, EMC had installed a stand-alone, raised-floor data center.

Stephan Voss, Director of Product Marketing at EMC, and a long-time colleague of mine, took some time to talk with me about that data center set-up and what EMC had on display in there. We recorded this episode about ten feet away from the entrance to the demo data center.

You can listen to our conversation below.


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MiniCast, Season 1, Episode 4: EMC Isilon OneFS 8.0 with Ed Beauvais

On Monday at EMC World, I had the opportunity to sit down with Ed Beauvais, EMC’s Director of Isilon Product Marketing. Ed was gracious enough to agree to be interviews for the MiniCast. We talked about new features in Isilon OneFS 8.0 and how they fit into EMC’s “Edge to Core to Cloud” message.

At one point in the interview, it appears that Ed and I confused each other about CloudPools functionality. Ed and I chatted about that after the 15-minute time limit and cleared it up pretty quickly. Turns out we were talking about two similar but different things.

Ed was saying that CloudPools does not, at this time, allow you to use an IsilonSD Edge virtual instance running in the Cloud as your remote tier. I neither confirm or deny whether or not that functionality is on the Isilon roadmap. (No, seriously, I can’t. Sometimes I use that phrase to be cute and let folks know that I know something I’m not allowed to talk about yet, but in this case I can’t tell you anything because I really don’t know. Ed gave me nothing on this one at all…)

What I was talking about was using a physical Isilon cluster at another site as your remote CloudPools tier. That is supported, and can be done today.

With that clarification in mind, take a listen to Ed and I talking Isilon.

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MiniCast, Season 1, Episode 3: EMC Unity with Mark Geel

Being part of the Media program at EMC World gave me the opportunity to sit down and talk with Mark Geel on the same day EMC announced their Unity unified storage platform.

Take a listen to what mark and I had to say about Unity below.

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