PernixData Announces General Availability of FVP 3.0

PernixDataYesterday, PernixData announced the General Availability of version 3.0 of FVP. FVP is a software solution that enables the use of host-installed Flash and RAM to accelerate storage performance in a VMware environment. The performance increases that FVP can provide are often quite significant. If you’re not familiar with FVP I wrote an overview of the product back in March when PernixData announced version 2.5.

Since I’ve written an FVP overview before, I’ll skip ahead to talking about what’s new in this version. Continue reading

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VMTurbo Releases Operations Manager version 5.3

VMTurbo logoThis week, VMTurbo released version 5.3 of their Operations Manager monitoring / management / automation / Quality of Service (QoS) tool.

Yes, I’ll admit that previous sentence is a little confusing, but Operations Manager has so many features and capabilities packed into it that it defies easy classification.

For those who aren’t familiar with VMTurbo or their Operations Manager, I’ll do an overview of it, then I’ll walk through what’s new in version 5.3. If you’re already familiar with VMTurbo and just want to leap right in, you can download a free trial here. Continue reading

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SimpliVity Announces OmniStack 3.0, New OmniCube for ROBO, and a HyperGuarantee

SimpliVityToday, SimpliVity announced three new improvements to their hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution offering. The improvements can categorized as software, hardware, and programatic:

  • Software: version 3.0 of their OmniStack software-defined HCI
  • Hardware: a new, smaller OmniCube, the CN-1200, designed specifically as part of a remote office / branch office (ROBO) solution
  • Programatic: a five-point performance guarantee that they’re calling the HyperGuarantee

I’ll walk through each of these below. Continue reading

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VMware releases NSX 6.2

Last week, VMware released version 6.2 of their software-defined networking (SDN) product, NSX. One of the things that’s interesting to me is that VMware no longer refers to NSX as an SDN solution. Instead, they’re playing a bigger game with it and call it “the network virtualization platform for the Software-Defined Data Center” (SDDC). This is in line with VMware’s overall message lately, positioning themselves as an SDDC solution, not just as one for server virtualization.

I’ll walk through what’s in the new release below. Continue reading

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SimpliVity and Lenovo Announce Hyperconverged Partnership

SimpliVityLast week, SimpliVity, a leader in the hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) space, announced that their OmniStack HCI solution will be available on Lenovo hardware. Prior to this announcement, the SimpliVity HCI solution could be deployed in two ways: by using the SimpliVity OmniCube appliances or by running SimpliVity OmniStack on Cisco UCS. This new announcement offers customers a wider choice of options.

I’ll walk through the new solution below. Continue reading

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Pure Storage Files Intent to IPO

Pure Storage logoToday, Pure Storage announced that it had filed Form S-1 with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Form S-1 is essentially a proposal to create an Initial Public Offering (IPO) of publicly-traded shares of stock.

Pure Storage intends to list its Class A common stock under the ticker symbol “PSTG”. The number of shares that will be offered and the price range for those shares has not been determined yet.

Pure Storage makes a line of All-Flash storage arrays. These arrays use very effective compression and deduplication algorithms to use the SSD space effectively. To me, though, the thing that most differentiates their offering from their competitors is not  the technology, but the approach. Innovative programs like Forever Flash and Evergreen Storage provide an easy answer to customers with concerns about the investment they’re making when they purchase storage hardware.

Congratulations to my friends at Pure Storage for this huge step. It will be very interesting seeing how this stock moves once it hits the market.

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Pure Storage Announces New Program, New Hardware, New Software Services

Pure Storage logoToday, Pure Storage, an all-Flash array vendor I’ve written about before, made three major announcements covering a new program for customers, new hardware, and new management software. Specifically, they announced:

  1. Evergreen Storage
  2. The FlashArray//m family (also called FA//m)
  3. Pure1 Management Platform

I’ll cover all three in detail below. Continue reading

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Qumulo Announces New High-Density Storage Node

Qumulo logoLess than one month after emerging from stealth, storage startup Qumulo announced the availability of a new high-capacity storage node today. The announcement was timed with Qumulo’s attendance at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show.

Qumulo makes a data-aware scale-out NAS storage platform. Their combination of easy management and real-time analytics makes it possible for customers to focus on their data, rather than on their storage. If you’re not already familiar with Qumulo, you can read my introduction to them here.

What Was Announced Continue reading

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My Video Interview at VMware PEX

While I was at the VMware Partner Exchange conference in February, I had the pleasure of running into Josh Atwell. Josh asked if I wanted to be interviewed in the SolidFire booth. Naturally, I said yes, and asked what aspects of their product they’d like me to talk about.

To my mild surprise, they didn’t necessarily want me to talk about SolidFire particularly, but instead on storage in general. The specific topic question was “What would be possible if storage wasn’t a barrier?”

I took a moment to think about some of my customers and had my answer. The video of the interview is below: Continue reading

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EMC World 2015 Discount Code Giveaway

As in past years, EMC has given members of the EMC Elect community registration codes good for a $150 discount on the cost of this year’s EMC World registration.

Thanks to the generosity of my fellow EMC Elect members Hrvoje CrvelinIan Anderson, Mohammed Salem, Fabio ChiodiniBrett Sinclair, and Rob Peglar I currently have access to a total of 20 discount codes to give away.

There are a couple restrictions on the codes:

  • Discounts cannot be applied retroactively — the codes can only be used on a new registration.
  • Discounts cannot be combined with the discount given by any other registration code.
  • The codes are specific, so if I give you one don’t give it to a co-worker to use, too. Instead, send your co-worker to me and I can get them their own code.
  • The codes expire on 6 April 2015.
  • Discounts are not available to EMC employees.

So, if you:

  • Are not an EMC employee
  • Are not yet registered for EMC World 2015
  • Will register for EMC World before 6 April 2015
  • Would like a $150 discount on that registration

leave a comment on this post letting me know you meet the above criteria and I will email you your personal discount code.

Hope to see you at EMC World!

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