Top VMware and Virtualization Blog Survey 2015

topvblog20151smallestThe blog vSphere-land is holding its annual contest / voting survey for the top 50 VMware- and virtualization-related blogs of 2015. All blogs listed on the vLaunchPad site are eligible.

This blog was added to the vLaunchPad after the nominations for specific recognition categories, but in time to be included in the general voting. It looks like there are about 400 or so blogs eligible, a lot of them ones I read regularly.

I urge you to take a few minutes of time and go to the voting site and make sure your voice is heard for the best blogs. Vote for the ten folks who you find most helpful and most informative. I won’t object if you include this blog in that list, and I won’t take it personally if you don’t — I just urge you to take advantage of the opportunity to be heard and help make sure the best blogs get the recognition they deserve.

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SolidFire Announces New Hardware Node, FlashForward Guarantees, and Software-Only Offering

SolidFire logoYesterday, SolidFire released a hat-trick of announcements:

I’ll walk through each of the announcements below. Continue reading

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PernixData Announces Version 2.5 of Their FVP Software

PernixDataToday, PernixData announced version 2.5 of their FVP software product. This product can provide huge storage performance benefits in VMware environments. Since it’s not something I’ve written about before, and it seems that not everyone has heard of PernixData and FVP yet, I’ll spend a little while explaining what it is and why it’s so interesting before I talk about what’s included in the new version.
Continue reading

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Journey to EMC Elect 2015 (with Bonus Number-Crunching)

EMC Elect 2015Today, EMC announced the list of names of those people named to the EMC Elect program for 2015.

Now in its third year, the EMC Elect program seeks to recognize engagement with, commitment to, and leadership in the EMC technical community-at-large. EMC has been very active in reaching out to the Elect community, working to involve them in events, and providing access to product information and technical resources.

I am honored and pleased to have been named to the EMC Elect program for the third year in a row. This year a total of 102 people were named, approximately a 27.5% increase over the total named for 2014. You can see the full list of names here.

My involvement with the EMC Elect 2015 goes a little deeper than that. I was one of twelve members of the EMC Elect 2014 who were asked to be on the panel of judges to help select the EMC Elect 2015. Continue reading

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EMC Announces New High-Density Isilon Node – the HD400

EMC Isilon HD400 NodeYesterday, EMC announced the addition of a new node type to their Isilon scale-out storage line. This new node offers higher-density storage than any other Isilon nodes, specifically 354TB raw capacity in 4U of rack space.

The new node, known internally at EMC as “Colossus”, has been launched as the HD400. I’ll walk through the details below. Continue reading

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Storage Field Day 7 (#SFD7) — A Delegate is Me

Storage Field DayI’ve been a fan of the folks at Gestalt IT for a while now. I follow them on Twitter, I read the stuff they post, and I’ve always followed their Tech Field Day events with great interest.

If you’re not familiar with these events, I’ll give a brief idea here: these events bring together a group of presenters from various innovation IT product vendors and give them an audience of delegates to present to and receive frank feedback from — in the spirit of furthering open discussion. These delegates are chosen from independent bloggers and thought leaders in the particular Field Day’s topic area (Storage, Network, Virtualization, etc.).

The idea is to create a better forum for open knowledge-sharing in the technical community. Continue reading

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Stealth Storage Startup Qumulo Closes Series B Round of Funding

Last week, storage startup Qumulo completed a Series B round of funding, gaining an additional $40 Million in investor backing — while still in “stealth mode”. This new round of funding brings the total amount invested in Qumulo to $67 Million.

Qumulo hasn’t revealed much about themselves or their products publicly, despite having some customers who’ve deployed their product in Production. Their three co-founders all worked together as software engineers at Isilon Systems (acquired by EMC in 2010).

I have a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with Qumulo, and here are the two things I believe I’m allowed to reveal under that NDA: Continue reading

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VMware Announces vExperts for 2015

VMware vExpert 2015Today, VMware announced the list of 2015 vExperts. The “vExpert” designation is not a technical certification, but instead a recognition of community engagement and personal influence within the various VMware and virtualization communities.

I am simultaneously happy, honored, proud, and humbled to have been included among the 1,056 vExperts named for 2015. This marks the fourth year in a row for me.

One of the things I like about the program is that recipients get the title for one year, and one year only. It’s awarded based on things the recipient did during the previous calendar year. If you decide to rest on your laurels or go inactive, you won’t get the title again next year.

My favorite thing about the program is the people involved. All of the vExperts I’ve met — many of whom work in direct competition with each other — are all committed to sharing knowledge, tips, tricks, techniques, and generally helping others learn and improve.

You can see the full list of vExpert 2015 list on the VMware blog site here.

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EMC Enters Hyperconverged Infrastructure Market with VSPEX Blue

EMC VSPEX BlueToday EMC announced their entrance into the hyperconverged infrastructure space with a new product named VSPEX Blue. The product is based on the EVO:Rail configurations supported by VMware. The EVO:Rail specifications were announced at VMworld 2014. At that time, only a few hardware vendors had EVO:Rail offerings. More have come since then, with EMC being the latest.

I’ll walk through VSPEX Blue below. Continue reading

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GeekFluent Round-up of VMware Announcements from Monday of Partner Exchange

I’m at the VMware Partner Exchange conference now. The pre-conference boot camps have finished up, and the “main” conference is starting. As part of the pre-conference events, VMware made several product announcements, including:

  • vSphere 6.0
  • vCloud Air Hybrid Cloud Extensions
  • VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO)
  • VSAN 6.0

I’ll give an overview of each below. Continue reading

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