Gear Review: Draw Attention Laptop Whiteboard Decal

[Disclaimer: I received no consideration for reviewing this product. It’s something I purchased on my own. The gentleman responsible for the product is aware I’ll be posting this (we exchanged some tweets), but has made no attempt to influence it.]

Everybody knows I love whiteboards. So, when I first learned of DrawAttention‘s product — a vinyl decal for adding a whiteboard surface to a laptop — it should come as no surprise that I ordered one a couple hours later. Specifically, I ordered the decal for my MacBook Air. I thought about ordering one for my work laptop, but there are too many stickers on it that I’m not ready to give up.

Here are my thoughts on the product. Continue reading

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Cisco Champions for 2015 Announced

Cisco Champion 2015Last year Cisco joined the ranks of companies running community recognition programs by creating their Cisco Champion program. These programs recognize those people who go above and beyond in their efforts to share knowledge — knowledge of products, techniques, tips and tricks, you name it.

In Cisco’s own words describing Cisco Champions:

Cisco Champions are passionate about Cisco and happy to share our knowledge, experience, and feedback.

Continue reading

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SolidFire Announces New Version of Element OS – Nitrogen

SolidFire logoToday, all-Flash storage vendor SolidFire announced the newest version of their array’s operating system, Element OS. In keeping with the “Element” theme, since this new OS version is the seventh generation of the OS, it is named “Nitrogen” — because Nitrogen is the seventh element on the periodic table.

This updated software adds four main new features, which I’ll go into detail about below. Continue reading

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Avere Announces Software Updates, Adds Virtual FXT Filer

Today Avere Systems announced an update to the AOS software (version 4.5) that runs on their FXT Edge Filers. The big news in this version is the addition of a Virtual Edge Filer, the vFXT.

Avere’s FXT works by placing an Edge Filer close to the end-user clients. The Edge Filer uses a global name space to virtualize file storage for the Core Filers positioned behind it. AOS 4.0 included support for using public cloud storage as a Core Filer, or Cloud NAS. AOS 4.5 adds support for installing an Edge Filer in the cloud, further extending the functionality. Continue reading

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Two Announcements from SolidFire: Funding and New Hardware Offerings

SolidFire logoToday, all-Flash storage vendor SolidFire announced both the completion of a Series D round of funding and the upcoming release of two new hardware products.

SolidFire is one of several players in the highly-competitive all-Flash storage array arena. Despite the fact that their products have been being sold for two years now, and that Gartner scores them very highly in this space, I’m always surprised that people don’t seem to be more familiar with them.

I’ll attempt to fix this by giving an overview of SolidFire before I get into the details of today’s announcements. Continue reading

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VCE Announces Seven New Products in its Largest Launch to Date

VCE VblockToday, in their largest announcement since EMC, Cisco, and VMware jointly announced the company’s formation five years ago, VCE announced seven new additions to their product lineup. These new additions consist of:

  • 3 new Vblock models (System 240, 540, and 740)
  • 2 new “technology extensions” (Storage (Isilon) and Compute (Cisco UCS))
  • 2 integrated solutions for cloud management (Cisco and VMware)

I’ll walk through each of these in more detail below. Continue reading

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GeekFluent Round-up of VMware’s Announcements from Monday of VMworld 2014

I’m here at VMworld 2014 and this year VMware has gone above and beyond. Monday’s opening keynote included more new product announcements than any other VMworld I’ve attended (I’ve been going yearly since 2009).

Such a massive flow of info can be hard to keep up with without a program. Below you’ll find my summary of the announcements. Continue reading

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EMC Announces RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines

RP4VMToday, timed with VMworld, EMC announced a new version of their RecoverPoint data protection / disaster recovery product: RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines. This is the product that came out of what was formerly being called Project Mercury.

The new product, takes RecoverPoint further into VMware data protection than the RecoverPoint Virtual Edition did, allowing data protection granularity at the individual VM level.

I’ll walk through the pieces, including what’s different between this product and the “full version” of RecoverPoint. Continue reading

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Cisco Expands Storage Networking Porfolio

Today, Cisco announced the expansion of their MDS storage networking portfolio with the addition of three new products. These new products bring increased performance, automation, and ease-of-use to an already great product line.

The new products announced are:

  • MDS 9148S Fabric Switch
  • MDS 9706 Multilayer Director
  • MDS 9700 FCoE Line Card

I’ll walk through the new offerings below. Continue reading

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Investors Demonstrate Faith in Avere Systems’ Cloud NAS Offerings

Today Avere Systems announced a renewed emphasis on their Cloud NAS gateway offering. The Cloud NAS allows access to public cloud storage resources at performance similar to on-premises storage, making it a hybrid cloud storage enabler.

Personally, I’ve always liked this product. When you dig into the details it’s easy to see why. In March, Avere posted SPECsfs2008_nfs.v3 testing results putting the product through its paces. Using three FXT 3800 models providing access to Amazon S3 storage, Avere was able to demonstrate SPEC Ops in excess of 180K ops/sec with just over 2ms response time. (You can read the full test details here.)

Apparently, I’m not the only one who likes the product. Avere also announced that they’ve received an additional $20Million from investors in a Series D round of funding. This brings to total amount invested in Avere Systems up to $72Million.

Hybrid Cloud is here. The fight for market share in the Hybrid Cloud space is beginning in earnest. I fully expect Avere to be a significant player in this space.

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