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An Addendum to My Open Letter

[NOTE: This post might make more sense if you’ve already read my Open Letter to Influence Marketers, but I think it also might work standalone. Your individual mileage may vary.] After I published my “Open Letter” post on Friday, I … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Influence Marketers

[UPDATE: I’ve posted an Addendum to this Open Letter. After you read this, be sure to check that out, too.] Dear Vendor Marketers, I love being invited to your technical briefings. I can’t emphasize this enough. They’re awesome. They’re filled … Continue reading

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Things Marketers Need to Just STOP Doing

In general, Marketing is a Good ThingTM. It’s how we learn about new products. It’s where we get info on how to differentiate between products. It can help us decide a particular product’s suitability for specific purposes. The folks in … Continue reading

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Mixed Message Monday: Flonase Thinks You’re a Drooling Moron

Time for another Mixed Message Monday, where I point out marketing that sends a different message than the intended one. At least, I hope the message delivered was different than they intended… This time I take a look at an … Continue reading

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Mixed Message Monday: Little Caesar’s Thinks You’re an Idiot

(Think of “Mixed Message Monday” as “GeekFluent Hits Back at Marketing Gone Wrong”. I feature advertisements or marketing campaigns where the message that’s actually delivered is (hopefully) not the one the folks who paid for the ad intended.) Since my … Continue reading

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Introducing Mixed Message Mondays

Some of my hybrid job description covers Marketing and Marketing-related work, so I thought it only appropriate that I blog about marketing occasionally. With that idea in mind, I’m introducing a new feature on GeekFluent: Mixed Message Mondays.  Each Mixed … Continue reading

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Careful with the Jargon…

As the only Technical guy in a Marketing group, it will likely come as no surprise that I encounter occasional problems with jargon.  What might surprise you is that my biggest jargon problems aren’t caused by me using Tech-speak around … Continue reading

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