Dave’s Laws

If you don’t spend much time hanging out or talking with me, you might think that what you’d find here might be a list of legislation I’d like to see passed, or maybe even a somewhat arrogant list detailing “how to get along with Dave”. I’m not thinking of either of those types of laws.

Instead, the type of laws I’m referring to here are akin to the basic laws of physics, like the Laws of Thermodynamics, the Law of Gravity, or Murphy’s Law. They are simply descriptions of how the universe works — even when we might wish otherwise.

Dave’s Laws are my way of articulating some other ways in which the universe operates. These laws are based upon my own observations and experience, so while your milage may vary, most of the folks I’ve discussed these laws with have reported that they match their own experience.

The formalization of these laws came about after I realized that I’d been referring to Dave’s First Law of Social Dynamics for years, even though I had not developed any other laws related to social dynamics yet. Upon realizing that if I didn’t come up with any others soon, I’d need to begin referring to it as “Dave’s Law”, instead of “Dave’s First Law”, and this particular law really deserves the distinction of having “First Law” in its title.

As I started to recognize more laws, I have applied “Dave’s First Rule of Making Lists”, which states “There must be a minimum of three of something in order to grant them their own category or sub-category.” (Note: this is a “Rule”, which is an entirely different thing than a “Law”…)

Therefore, without any further ado, I give you Dave’s Laws:

I will, naturally, be adding more rules as I discover them and am able to articulate them (in accordance with Dave’s First Rule of List Making, of course.)