You Can Find Me in the Cloud with HubStor

It’s funny. The last thing I posted here was on January 1st. In it, I mentioned that 2019 had been a hard year. How foolish I was before 2020 came into its own…

In the midst of whatever all of 2020 will continue to bring, I’m pleased to be able to report some good news. I’m employed again — much faster than I was during my either of my last two rounds of job searching. In all, one month passed from the day I was informed that my position had been re-organized out of existence to my first day at the new job.

Before I get into details on that, I’d be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to thank everyone who reached out to me on social media, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any other way to offer help and support. I had eight separate solid job leads within 24 hours of sending my tweet that I was back on the market. This is truly a case of “I couldn’t have done this without you”.

HubStor logoSo, last week I started as the Product Marketing Manager at HubStor. I know they’re not the data center or cloud equivalent of a household name, but I believe they have the potential to become that.

HubStor is a small, fast, and agile startup founded in 2015. They are that rare tech startup that got started, and has become profitable, without taking investments from venture capitalists. This means HubStor has the freedom to do what’s in the best interests of HubStor and their customers, rather than what will earn investors higher returns.

As Product Marketing Manager, I’ll be creating a lot of content, as well as leading the company into new ways to reach customers, make our differentiation clear, and handle the competition.

HubStor offers a cloud data management platform that provides unified backup and archiving as a service. They’re able to help organizations with their regulatory compliance needs. HubStor also does content indexing that enables very fast smart searches.

I could go on, but I have no doubt that you’ll be hearing a LOT more about HubStor and their offerings from me in the days ahead.

Again, I’d want to thank everyone for the job search help and the moral support. I appreciate it, both professionally and personally.

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