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Most-Read GeekFluent Posts of 2013

I love metrics. OK, that’s not precisely true. I love the things we can learn from metrics, and the process of discovering that learning. In and of themselves, the metrics are nothing but numbers, and by themselves numbers just aren’t … Continue reading

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EMC’s XtremIO Finally Available – Worth the Wait

Today, EMC announced the General Availability of XtremIO, their purpose-built all-Flash array. The announcement comes amid an unprecedented storm of pre-launch hyperbole from several vendors (as one might expect, very much “pro-” from EMC and rather “anti-” from some of … Continue reading

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EMC Announces VPLEX Metro Express Edition (plus VAAI support)

[UPDATE: I’ve edited the post to remove one of the new features that had been mentioned in early pre-announcement briefings.  The features listed now match what’s actually been released.] Today, EMC announced updates to their VPLEX family of storage virtualization devices, … Continue reading

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Enhancement to VAAI-NAS in vSphere 5.1

I’ve already done a write-up of the VAAI-NAS features in vSphere 5.0, but one of the three VAAI NAS primitives has expanded functionality in vSphere 5.1. In vSphere 5.1, the NFS File Cloning primitive is expanded to allow array-based snapshots … Continue reading

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Isilon Integration with VAAI-NAS and VASA

It’s come up on my VAAI v2 (NFS) write-up that today there are only two products that offer vSphere Storage API for Array Integration for NAS (VAAI-NAS) integration with vSphere 5.  We all know that more will be coming, and … Continue reading

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What Will VAAI v2 Do for You? Part 2 of 2: NFS

This post is the second of two describing the features of the VMware vSphere Storage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI) version 2 as it works with vSphere 5.  If you missed the first part, you can read it here: What … Continue reading

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What Will VAAI v2 Do for You? Part 1 of 2: Block

Recently, someone pointed out to me that it was high time for me to write a follow-up to my “What Will VAAI Do for You?” posting.  Written shortly after the launch of VMware vSphere 4.1, it is my most-read post … Continue reading

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