Most-Read GeekFluent Posts in 2019

What a year 2019 was. But now it’s past and good riddance.

Not all of 2019 was bad, but — for me at least — it was a hard year as can be evidenced by the frighteningly low number of new posts I made during the year. Everything is starting into an upswing now, so this post is part of just putting the year behind me and moving on into 2020.

So, with that in mind, I give you a list of my ten most-read posts during 2019. The list includes the years the post was originally published (because I was surprised be the continued popularity of some older posts) and the number of views it received according to WordPress. Google analytics gives me different numbers generally — but not always — higher so I actually have no idea which one is more accurate.

  1. 2,560 – What’s New in VMware vSphere 6.5  (2016)
  2. 1,511 – Use Your Windows Laptop as an Isilon Console Terminal (2013)
    1,504 – Home page
  3. 409 – What’s New in Isilon OneFS 8.0 (2016)
  4. 313 – Time to Retire the #HireDaveNow Hashtag (2019)
  5. 303 – Magic Balloon: A Whiteboarding Creativity Game/Exercise (2013)
  6. 216 – EMC Announces Next-Generation VMAX Storage Array (2014)
  7. 169 – Cisco Enters Hyperconverged Market with HyperFlex (2016)
    144 – Mind Maps page
  8. 142 – EMC Announces Next-Generation VNX – Takes it Full Multicore (2013)
  9. 125 – Pure Storage Announces NVMe DirectFlash and New FlashArray Model (2017)
  10. 113 – EMC Announces Updates to BRS Line (Data Domain, Avamar, NetWorker), Part One (2013)

I left the two pages in the list, but didn’t give them a spot in the ranking.

GeekFluent’s Thoughts

  • Wow. I really need to be posting more often.
  • I’m kinda curious as to why folks were so interested in reading about what was new in older versions of products.
  • A well-written — or simply useful — “how to” stays relevant (even more so if the one you put together is clearer and easier to understand than the one the vendor put together…).
  • Magic Balloon is still pretty cool, fun, and relevant — and likely to remain so when we migrate to whatever digital thing replaces whiteboards. I was first introduced to Magic Balloon in 1985 and folks still find it interesting today.
  • I should update the Mind Maps page with some of the stuff I’ve been doing with maps more recently.
  • I really want to put in more effort to be posting more often.
  • People still seem to want to read posts related to product announcements.
  • I really need to finish the prep work so I can go live with the Side Project.
  • I should do some more “How To” posts.

Welcome to 2020. No matter how well your 2019 went, I hope 2020 is better for you.

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