Unboxing the Tap Wearable Keyboard and Mouse

If you know me, you know my love for gadgets — especially ones the advance my cyborgification, and ones that can be added to my PAN (Personal Area Network). So, it should come as no surprise that no more than ten minutes passed between the moment when I first heard of the Tap wearable keyboard and mouse device and when I had found it on the ‘Net and pre-ordered one.

While waiting for it, someone suggested that this would be a great candidate for an unboxing video. I’ve done one unboxing on this site before, on a very special episode of the GeekFluent MiniCast. Since that was an audio-only unboxing it went over about as well as you might expect it to. Continue reading

MiniCast, Season 1, Episode 2: Unboxing the EMC World Backpack

The second Episode of the GeekFluent MiniCast was recorded live at EMC World on Sunday while the show floor was being constructed around us.

For this episode, I wanted to try something new. There are a lot of un-boxing videos out there, but no one seems to do unboxing audio recordings, and since I had just received my EMC World backpack, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try it out.

To assist me in this unboxing, I was joined by Mark Browne and Lauren Friedman. It’s the episode that asks — and answers — the question “Why aren’t there more unboxing audios?”

Take a listen below: