EMC Announces RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines

RP4VMToday, timed with VMworld, EMC announced a new version of their RecoverPoint data protection / disaster recovery product: RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines. This is the product that came out of what was formerly being called Project Mercury.

The new product, takes RecoverPoint further into VMware data protection than the RecoverPoint Virtual Edition did, allowing data protection granularity at the individual VM level.

I’ll walk through the pieces, including what’s different between this product and the “full version” of RecoverPoint. Continue reading

EMC Expands VSPEX Offerings

Today EMC announced new offerings in its VSPEX program. VSPEX is EMC’s collection of pre-validated reference architectures, delivered by their channel partners. VSPEX provides a middle-ground. It offers greater speed for deployment than building and testing your own solution from scratch, and it provides more choice and flexibility than the converged infrastructure of the VCE Vblock.


Several existing VSPEX solutions have been rearchitected to use the new generation of VNX storage systems. These solutions include ones for:

  • Oracle 11g
  • MS SharePoint 2013
  • MS Exchange 2013
  • MS SQL Server 2012

New Solutions Available Now

EMC introduced some new VSPEX reference architectures that are available now. These include:

  • Private Cloud solutions for up to 1,000 VMs (using the new VNX)
  • End-User Computing solutions using VMware Horizon View 7.2
  • End-User Computing solutions using Citrix XenDesktop 7
  • Adding RecoverPoint data protection to VSPEX solutions

New Solutions Coming Soon

EMC also introduced two new VSPEX solutions that will be coming soon. They are:

  • Private Cloud solutions based on VMware vSphere 5.5 (will be available as soon as vSphere 5.5 goes GA)
  • End-User Computing solutions using Microsoft Hyper-V

EMC Announces AppSync 1.5

Today EMC announced version 1.5 of their AppSync data protection software for the VNX storage platform. The software provides application-consistent data protection for applications running on VNX, regardless of whether they’re running on physical or virtual servers. AppSync provides an application-centric point of view and uses the native APIs of both VNX and RecoverPoint to deliver user-definable levels of protection to the applications.

How It’s Deployed

The AppSync server runs a centralized Unisphere-like interface. From this interface, admins can push AppSync agents out to application servers. Continue reading

EMC Enhances RecoverPoint (and takes it virtual!)

Today, EMC announced version 4.0 of RecoverPoint.  The new version brings many exciting new features, my personal favorite being the availability of a virtual version of the RecoverPoint Appliance (RPA).

RecoverPoint is a SAN-based data protection/replication solution.  It works through the use of a specialized RecoverPoint Appliance (RPA) installed on the SAN.  The solution uses “splitters” to take a copy of all data writes and send them to the RPA.  The splitters can be one of three types: array-based (on supported arrays), network-based (on supported switches), or host-based (as device drivers for HBAs in environments not using RecoverPoint-supported arrays or switches).

Depending on the configuration, the RPA can use this duplicate data stream to provide one of three modes of protection: Continue reading

Achievement Unlocked: Certification Quest

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have caught some of the story of chasing certifications in October and how the best-laid plans meant nothing to Hurricane Sandy. Despite the obstacles thrown in our way, my teammates and I charged ahead and succeeded in the Bold Plan that was Certification Quest, wherein 6 people achieved 10 EMC certifications in 3.5 weeks (I got 4 of them, taking 4 exams over a 2-day period).

Now that’s it’s over and we’ve had the chance to relax a little, I thought I’d pull together some of my thoughts about the whole process. Continue reading