About the GeekFluent author, Dave Henry:

DaveThe label “geek” didn’t come until later, but my love of all things tech was clear from age 2 on when I would disassemble whatever I could get my hands on and was clearly obsessed with anything that had knobs, buttons, levers, or sliders that anyone was foolish enough to leave within my reach.  (This still holds true today: If you don’t want something fiddled with or poked at, don’t leave it within arm’s reach of me (or un-firewalled…).)

For college, I went to a very technical engineering school, where a summer job as a third-shift janitor ended up leading to my first full-time job as a Unix systems administrator back in 1987 (long story).  I’ve been earning my living in various IT-related jobs ever since.

I spent seven years at EMC Corporation in various technical roles, the last of which was Technical Marketing.  (This might sound like an oxymoron, but I’ve always had a talent for making oxymorons look good.)  It was in that role that I became the Community Manager/Facilitator for the Everything VMware at EMC online community, a role I continued for over a year after leaving EMC.

In April of 2012 I joined Accunet Solutions, a VAR that partners with both EMC and VMware (among others).  My role rapidly expanded there and I ended up leading both the Storage Practice and the Virtualization Practice. In October of 2016, Accunet was acquired. In January 2017, Accunet went through a reorganization under the new management, and the Practice Lead positions ceased to exist, so I found myself engaged in a search for my next position.

In May of 2017 I accepted a position at Virtustream where I am responsible for creating technical content for use both within and outside the company. Expect more Cloud-related content in the future.

Speaking of Cloud, I have very strong opinions on the importance of the correct usage of the terms “premise” and “premises”, and have proposed a solution to end this debate forever.

I have been named a VMware vExpert for the past six years in a row and, while I’m not always as successful at it as I would like, I’ve been trying to be more active in the VMware community-at-large.  I was named as one of the founding members of the EMC Elect program, and was named to the program again in 2014 and 2015. I have been named a Cisco Champion for Data Center for the past four years in a row. I was also named to the first “class” of the newly-formed NetApp United program.

About This Site

For over three years, I wrote the official blog of the Everything VMware at EMC online community. For obvious reasons, my writing there was all work-related and somewhat limited in scope, and appropriately so. Having a site of my own allows me to discuss broader topics that interest me, but fall outside the scope of my work.  There has been (and will continue to be) quite a bit of topic-overlap, as I’m fortunate enough to work in a field that I find very interesting and exciting.

Here I’ll be able to talk about a wider variety of topics, like all the cool things you can do with an Android phone, everyday uses for mind maps, my love of whiteboards, other vendors’ storage products, events I attend, and more virtualization topics.

About the Name

The site name, Geek Fluent, comes from a lot of what I do. I’ve often had conversations about how part of the value I bring at work is that I’m capable of speaking both fluent Geek and fluent Human. A lot of what I’ve done throughout my career has involved finding ways to explain very technical things to non-technical people in a way that has them not just understand, but really get it. (To a lesser, but no less important, extent, some of what I do also involves explaining non-technical things to very technical people.)


This is my site and no one else’s. Any opinions expressed herein are, therefore, also mine and no one else’s (although I certainly welcome those who share them, as well as civil discussion with those who disagree aren’t yet convinced…).


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