On this page you’ll find a number of testimonials I’ve received over the course of my career. As not all of them are directly work-related, I’ve separated them into various categories.


From a Head of HR who I dropped my resume off to back in 1988:

There’s some concern that some people might possibly, under certain circumstances, possibly find him to be somewhat… visually alarming.

From a co-worker in 1992:

I’m pretty sure that our monitoring system somehow sends alerts directly into Dave’s brain.

From a co-worker in 2013:

Yeah, we’re all actually afraid to reach into Dave’s toolbag. First, it really seems like it must be bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. Second, we’re not really sure what all is actually in there, so we kinda just leave it alone and pretend like it isn’t there.

From an event organizer in 2016:

Of all the Storage folks I’ve ever know, you’re definitely one of them.

From an employer:

For some reason, I’ve always thought of you and your role here as a group, not as an individual, so, yes, you are the Tech Marketing Group.


From my doctor during every one of my physicals over the past 10 years:

Your heart is far stronger and your cholesterol is far lower than you have any right to deserve.

A couple different emergency room doctors at different points over the years:

Wait — you brought yourself in here yourself? We’re not quite clear yet on how you’re still alive, much less standing…


One friend introducing me to another friend of his in 1996:

If you ever decide you’re going to try to take over the world, Dave is exactly the kind of guy you’d want on your side.

Another friend, in another introduction:

If the zombie apocalypse ever actually happens, you just hope you’re with Dave when it starts.

Mark May, many, many times:

I really enjoy throwing things at him.

Brian Carpenter, on a Twitter conversation I was having with Howard Marks:

With you two, almost all topics seem to eventually lead to high explosives…