Mixed Message Monday: Little Caesar’s Thinks You’re an Idiot

Pizza(Think of “Mixed Message Monday” as “GeekFluent Hits Back at Marketing Gone Wrong”. I feature advertisements or marketing campaigns where the message that’s actually delivered is (hopefully) not the one the folks who paid for the ad intended.)

Since my last Mixed Message Monday focused on Domino’s, I thought I’d take a look at another pizza vendor, Little Caesar’s.

Lately, Little Caesar’s has been running a series of commercials about their “Hot and Ready” pizzas. These commercial annoy me immensely.

The idea of the ads is that going to your local Little Caesar’s and picking up an already-made pizza that’s there waiting for you is easier that using a “complicated pizza website” (no, seriously — that’s the actual phrase they use “complicated pizza website”) to order online.

Why are the websites so complicated, you ask? Well, according to the ads you need to remember your login, your password, and you have to type in your credit cards.

This leads me to a few questions:

  • Have the people who wrote these ads ever ordered anything online before?
  • Are there even browsers that don’t offer to save usernames and password for you?
  • When’s the last time you saw a site that required a login that didn’t have a “forgot your password?” link?

I’m left to draw only one of two possible conclusions:

  1. The folks at Little Caesar’s think their customers are complete idiots.
  2. The people creating ads for Little Caesar’s are complete idiots.

Think I’m being too harsh? Judge for yourself:

It could be worse. They could be saying that their customers have anger management problems AND are so dumb that they don’t know which way to face a laptop when they’re using one.

Oh, wait.

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