Avere Systems Announces New Complete Storage Solution

avere-c2nToday, Avere Systems announced its first complete storage solution. Avere is known for their Edge Filers that virtualize NAS systems and/or act as a file-access gateway to object storage.

The just-announced C2N solution combines Avere FXT Edge Filers with Avere’s own new scale-out object storage platform. This combination allows the C2N to be used as a standalone storage solution, while still using the FXT as to virtualize other NAS devices and as a gateway to other object storage platforms — either on- or off-premises. I’ll walk through the solution below. Continue reading

Qumulo Comes Out of Stealth Offering Data-Aware Scale-Out NAS

Qumulo NodesI’ve let several people know that I’m traveling today, and I even told some folks that I was in Seattle, but it wasn’t until today that I can go public on why I’m here.

Today, storage startup Qumulo came out of stealth mode. My company, Accunet Solutions, was involved in one of the first Qumulo sales and implementations. Our customer was invited to attend Qumulo’s launch event, and, as the SE involved with the deal, I also scored an invite.

Qumulo offers data-aware scale-out NAS that is remarkably simple to install and manage. I’ll go through details on both the company and the product below. Continue reading

Investors Demonstrate Faith in Avere Systems’ Cloud NAS Offerings

Today Avere Systems announced a renewed emphasis on their Cloud NAS gateway offering. The Cloud NAS allows access to public cloud storage resources at performance similar to on-premises storage, making it a hybrid cloud storage enabler.

Personally, I’ve always liked this product. When you dig into the details it’s easy to see why. In March, Avere posted SPECsfs2008_nfs.v3 testing results putting the product through its paces. Using three FXT 3800 models providing access to Amazon S3 storage, Avere was able to demonstrate SPEC Ops in excess of 180K ops/sec with just over 2ms response time. (You can read the full test details here.)

Apparently, I’m not the only one who likes the product. Avere also announced that they’ve received an additional $20Million from investors in a Series D round of funding. This brings to total amount invested in Avere Systems up to $72Million.

Hybrid Cloud is here. The fight for market share in the Hybrid Cloud space is beginning in earnest. I fully expect Avere to be a significant player in this space.

Enhancement to VAAI-NAS in vSphere 5.1

I’ve already done a write-up of the VAAI-NAS features in vSphere 5.0, but one of the three VAAI NAS primitives has expanded functionality in vSphere 5.1.

In vSphere 5.1, the NFS File Cloning primitive is expanded to allow array-based snapshots to be used for virtual machines and vApps being fast-provisioned by vCloud Director.  When vCloud Director does a fast-provision of VMs and/or vApps on a supported NAS array, VAAI-NAS File Cloning is used to off-load the clone creation to the array transparently.  As with NFS File Cloning in vSphere 5.0, this feature requires a VAAI NAS plug-in from the storage array vendor.

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