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  • GeekFluent’s Roundup of the EMC MegaLaunch Announcements

    Perhaps you remember EMC’s first big product announcement event under their then-new CMO Jeremy Burton. They called it a “MegaLaunch” and set out to break several world records as part of the event. If you remember 20 people stuffed into a Mini Cooper, you remember the event. Every year since then, EMC has repeated the…

  • EMC Announces ProtectPoint Backup Solution

    Today, as part of their “MegaLaunch”, EMC announced a new backup/data protection solution called ProtectPoint. Storage administrators already use a combination of array-based snapshots and backups to another device (either disk- or tape-based) to protect their users’ data. ProtectPoint combines these two — formerly separate — concepts into one elegant solution.