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  • Name Changes in the EMC Lineup

    If you read my post on the product announcements at EMC World, and then followed any of the official coverage of the event, you may have experienced some slight confusion. Turns out between the pre-announcement blogger briefings and the actual announcements, there were two minor name changes. Let me make up for any inadvertent confusion…

  • Summary of EMC’s Monday Announcements

    Today, on the opening day of EMC World, EMC made several new product announcements. Below is a list of the announcements, along with links to my write-ups on the new announcements:

  • EMC’s Nile Makes the Leap from Project to Product

    EMC’s “Project Nile” was first revealed at EMC’s MegaLaunch event in 2013. The idea was hyper-scale private cloud storage at a cost-per-gigabyte similar to (or lower than) public cloud storage. The idea was to provide this storage via software running on commodity storage hardware. It was clear from the beginning that EMC intended Nile to…