Name Changes in the EMC Lineup

If you read my post on the product announcements at EMC World, and then followed any of the official coverage of the event, you may have experienced some slight confusion. Turns out between the pre-announcement blogger briefings and the actual announcements, there were two minor name changes. Let me make up for any inadvertent confusion by clearing it up.

One of the most-anticipated announcements was Project Nile (OK, my personal most-anticipated was the next-gen ViPR, but Nile’s built on it…). In the official announcement headlines, there’s no mention of Nile. Nile was the “project” name. Now that it’s made the leap to “product”, the official name is EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS). All the pictures I’ve seen in EMC material (as well as the units on the show floor) all say “Nile” on the “Cylon-style” bezel, so if you refer to it as Nile instead of ESC, any EMC folks should still know what you mean.

The second name change will help to clear up some product line confusion. I’d like to think the change was in direct response to my commentary in this posting, but (let’s face it) that’s unlikely. In this name-change the two “SRM” products are more differentiated. EMC Storage Resource Management Suite (EMC SRM) is now officially “ViPR SRM”, helping to prevent it from being confused with VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager (VMware SRM).

Hope this helps. Now that you know my favorite EMC World announcements, I’d love to know yours. Tell me in the comments below.

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