EMC’s Nile Makes the Leap from Project to Product

EMC Nile logoEMC’s “Project Nile” was first revealed at EMC’s MegaLaunch event in 2013. The idea was hyper-scale private cloud storage at a cost-per-gigabyte similar to (or lower than) public cloud storage.

The idea was to provide this storage via software running on commodity storage hardware.

It was clear from the beginning that EMC intended Nile to be disruptive and a game-changer. Continue reading

EMC Announces Version 1.30 of ScaleIO

EMC ScaleIOToday, in one of the many announcements that kicked off EMC World, EMC announced the new version of their ScaleIO product.

If you’re not familiar with ScaleIO, EMC defines it as a “software-only server-based SAN that converges storage and compute resources to form a single-layer, enterprise-grade storage product.¬†You can also think of it as similar to VMware VSAN, but usable for things other than VMware.

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