DIM Project: JAMBOX Dashboard Mount Made of Sugru

In May, I went to EMC World, had fun, learned a lot, made some great connections, and returned with a bit of conference swag.  Probably my favorite take-home from EMC World is the Jawbone JAMBOX that I won in one of the giveaways.

The JAMBOX is a Bluetooth-enabled portable speaker (Gear Review scheduled).  It lets you stream audio in great-sounding stereo, and even has a built-in mic, so it can turn your phone into a high-quality speakerphone.

After syncing it to my phone and testing the sound quality (amazing), my first thought was how great it would be to use in my car.  I could stream music to it from the cloud through my phone, or have a great hands-free way to take calls when I’m driving.

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DIM Project: Smartphone Dashboard Mount

I’m currently involved in a large-ish DIM project that was taking up my driveway, is currently taking up my deck, and will, when finished, occupy space in the backyard.  I plan to write that one up when it’s complete (I hope to finish it this week), but I figured that GeekFluent’s first DIM Project posting ought to be something simpler, and something you could do today with things you might already have handy.

This project was inspired by an article I read on LifeHacker on one of the many, many uses for binder clips — a dashboard mount for a smartphone.  Turns out it was even easier to make than reading the instructions implied (and the instructions made it seem pretty easy).  I made this a few months ago and it’s been an incredible convenience ever since.

Since making this, I don’t ever fumble for the phone while I’m driving.  If the phone rings, I only need a quick glance to see who’s calling, and with my Bluetooth headset, it only takes me one touch to answer.  If I need directions, I can use my phone’s Navigation software without blocking any of my view through the windshield.

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