DIM Project: JAMBOX Dashboard Mount Made of Sugru

In May, I went to EMC World, had fun, learned a lot, made some great connections, and returned with a bit of conference swag.  Probably my favorite take-home from EMC World is the Jawbone JAMBOX that I won in one of the giveaways.

The JAMBOX is a Bluetooth-enabled portable speaker (Gear Review scheduled).  It lets you stream audio in great-sounding stereo, and even has a built-in mic, so it can turn your phone into a high-quality speakerphone.

After syncing it to my phone and testing the sound quality (amazing), my first thought was how great it would be to use in my car.  I could stream music to it from the cloud through my phone, or have a great hands-free way to take calls when I’m driving.

The problem was there was no good place to put it in my car. Continue reading