Evolution of Virtualization – The Whiteboard Video

I posted before about having fun with whiteboards at VMware PEX, and I posted the draft outline for the “Evolution of Virtualization” whiteboard I did with Gabriel Chapman (@Bacon_Is_King).

Today, Amy Lewis (@CommsNinja) has posted the final version of the video we recorded.  I have to say, the editing makes it look very professional.

For me, improving efficiency and gaining flexibility have always been the driving forces behind virtualization. Continue reading

The Evolution of Virtualization — Draft Outline

I’ve already written about the Magic Balloon episode of Engineers Unplugged I recorded at VMware PEX, but that wasn’t the topic I was originally invited to record.

The topic I was originally asked to speak to was “The Evolution of Virtualization”.  I was paired with Gabriel Chapman (@Bacon_Is_King), who I’d only known online up until that point.  As I understand it, that episode will be published next week.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share our thought process — what went into preparation for the episode. Continue reading