Headed to VMware Partner Exchange (#VMwarePEX)

In less than 48 hours, I’ll be boarding a plane to San Francisco to attend this year’s VMware Partner Exchange (PEX) conference. PEX is a VMware partner-only conference that’s always been a great learning and networking experience for me. Almost all of the vendors my company partners with will be there, too.

If you’re going to PEX and would like to meet in person, please reach out to me (either in comments here, or via email or Twitter). The chance to interact face-to-face with folks I normally only see online is one of the things that make these conferences so rewarding.

A rough idea of some of my schedule is below:

  • Saturday 31 January
    • Arrive in San Francisco
  • Sunday 1 February
    • Attend SimpliVity Partner Boot Camp
  • Monday 2 February
    • Attend EMC Partner Boot Camp
  • Tuesday 3 February
    • Attend EMC announcement event
    • Take training to renew some of my VMware accreditations
    • Attend PernixData party with my fellow PernixPros
    • Attend EMC party (where I’m apparently going to be part of a human foosball team with some of my fellow EMC Elect
    • Attend the vBacon event with some of my fellow Cisco Champions and the folks from SolidFire
  • Wednesday 4 February
    • More VMware training and sessions
  • Thursday 5 February
    • Attend sessions and hopefully spend time in the Hands-On Lab
  • Friday 6 February
    • Fly back to Boston

Not included in the above list are the general sessions and the various vendor briefings I’ll be attending, the former because it’s sort of assumed, the latter because I’m not 100% sure just how confidential some of them are.

If you’ll be there, I hope to see you.


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