Most-Read GeekFluent Posts in 2017

Hello, and welcome to 2018.

It’s a new year which means it’s time for a new check-in on how content on this site did during the previous year. Let’s start with the ten most-read posts in 2017. (All statistics used in this post are gathered from the WordPress app.)

Most-Read Posts in 2017:

  1. What’s New in VMware vSphere 6.5 (2016) – 6,958 views
  2. Use Your Windows Laptop as an Isilon Console Terminal (2013) – 1,973 views
  3. What’s New in Isilon OneFS 8.0 (2016) – 1,963 views
  4. Magic Balloon: A Whiteboarding Creativity Game/Exercise (2013) – 1,728 views
  5. Cisco Enters Hyperconverged Market with HyperFlex (2016) – 1,344 views
  6. Job Search Mode: Engaged! (2017) – 1,168 views
  7. Summary of Monday’s Announcements at Dell EMC World 2017 (2017) – 917 views
  8. Pure Storage Announces NVMe DirectFlash and New FlashArray Model (2017) – 881 views
  9. Pure Storage FlashBlade is Now GA (2017) – 838 views
  10. EMC Announces Next-Generation VMAX Storage Array (2014) – 813 views

The first thing I noticed was that only four of the ten most-read posts in 2017 were actually written in 2017. The second thing I noticed was the huge gap between the #1 and #2 spots. The most-viewed post, on vSphere 6.5, actually received 19% of the total views the entire site got during 2017.

Most-Read Posts Written in 2017

I know this list is less “fair” to the more recent posts, but that’s just the way things go.

  1. Job Search Mode: Engaged! – 1,168 views
  2. Summary of Monday’s Announcements at Dell EMC World 2017 – 917 views
  3. Pure Storage Announces NVMe DirectFlash and New FlashArray Model – 881 views
  4. Pure Storage FlashBlade is Now GA – 838 views
  5. Job Search Successful – I’m Headed to the Cloud – 562 views
  6. Things Marketers Need to Just STOP Doing – 354 views
  7. Cisco Announces Champions for 2017 – 338 views
  8. Premise vs. Premises: A Modest Proposal – 307 views
  9. HPE Acquiring SimpliVity for a Bargain Basement Price – 229 views
  10. An Open Letter to Influence Marketers – 222 views

I’ll admit I’m happy that “Job Search” post got top readership. It and the various social media work around it were instrumental in helping me find my current job.

I do wish my “Modest Proposal” had gotten more reads — and that the proposal itself had a far higher adoption rate.

I’m a little sad that the “Open Letter” made it into the top ten. I think the Addendum I wrote to it is actually a far better piece.

The Power of Search

60.7% of all pageviews on this site in 2017, came from search engines. Most folks aren’t necessarily looking for me, but they’re looking for me info on things I’m writing about. They’re doing what I do — running a search and then reading what they’re referred to. Makes me think I might want to look into some SEO at some point.


I seem to be branching out with what I write — both top ten lists this year cover a wider variety of vendors and topics than the lists have in past years.

I wrote more about myself recently. Two of the top posts I wrote this year were about what I was up to.

I pretty much always feel that I’m not creating new content or posting as often as I “should” be. I’m not sure if that will actually ever change, but a good first step might be convincing myself that short posts really are OK.

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