My Schedule at VMworld US 2017

After having had to miss out on VMworld last year, I’m pleased to announce my triumphant return to the event. Or at least my return.

VMworld has always been, in my opinion, one of the best yearly events, not just in terms of the technical content and knowledge to be gained, but also because of the size and strength of the community that attends.

So, in that spirit, in the hopes of being able to reconnect with old friends, have in-person meetings with people I’ve only none online, and in making new friends and community connections, here are the places where you’ll most likely be able to find me during the event.


I’m flying into Las Vegas on Saturday evening, so there’s very little chance of catching me on this day, except for maybe chance meetings at the airport.


I’ll likely run over to the Registration area in the morning to check in, get my badge, and see who I can run into.

Later in the day, I’ll be representing Virtustream as a member of Team xStream at the Ninth Annual v0dgeball Tournament. All proceeds from the tournament benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. If you’re on one of the other teams, I’ll obviously see you there — and we might even be throwing things at each other. If you’re not on a team, you should come and watch. The event is a lot of fun for a great cause. The tournament is in the Athletic Center at the University of Nevada, 4504 S. Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas. That’s about a 15-minute taxi or Lyft ride from the Mandalay Bay. Come join us!


First thing in the morning, I’ll be in some sort of Double-Secret meeting that I’m not allowed to invite you to.

Your best bet for finding me during the day will be to look for me at the Virtustream booth (#624) in the Solutions Exchange. If I’m not actively working a shift in the booth, somebody in the booth ought to know how to find me. Come by and we can talk — and whiteboard — cloud and virtualization.

After the Solutions Exchange closes, I’ll be heading over to the CXIparty. I’ve attended one of these in the past and not only was it a lot of fun, it was a great opportunity to network and meet new people. You should definitely come.


During the day, your best bet will be to look for me around VMvillage, or, more likely, on the Solutions Exchange. I’ll be working a shift in the Virtustream booth again.

Tuesday evening is currently open for me. Just saying.


Again, while the Solutions Exchange is open, that’s where you’ll most likely find me, and most likely in or around the Virtustream booth.

Wednesday evening, I will either have found a way to get myself into the Customer Appreciation Party (my “Booth Staff” pass won’t get me in), or I’ll be looking for an alternative to it, maybe hitting the poker tables.


I fly home Thursday morning, so unless we catch each other in passing, we’re unlikely to meet up this day.

In Conclusion

If you’d like to meet up with me, whether to do an interview or a video, to talk cloud, to talk Virtustream, to play Magic Balloon, to just chat, or to just hang out, your best bet will be to make contact with me (phone, email, Twitter, carrier pigeon, whatever works) in advance and have us set a specific time and place. When you’re not attending sessions or doing hands-on labs, connecting with people is what this event is about.

If you do connect with me, I should have both Virtustream and GeekFluent stickers with me at almost all times. Happy to trade for your stickers — or simply give you one.

See you in Vegas!

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