Confirmed: I’ll be a Delegate at Storage Field Day 12 (#SFD12)

Storage Field DayA number of things had my status for this event up in the air for a little bit, but I’m very happy to announce that I am now officially confirmed as a Delegate at Storage Field Day 12 next week.

I’m very happy about this. To me the Tech Field Day events have always been in the “It’s an Honor Just to Have Been Invited” category. I’m excited (and curious about) seeing what the event’s sponsors will be presenting.

I’m also excited to see and spend time with the other delegates, many of whom are colleagues and friends, and some I’ll be meeting for the first time.


The following organizations will be presenting during the 3-day event next week:

  • Datera – an OEM of scale-out object storage that appears to be designed with service providers in mind.
  • Elastifile – a startup company producing what they refer to as a “hybrid cloud data infrastructure” designed to allow their customers to manage self-service workflows across their private and public clouds.
  • Excelero – a company that will be officially coming out of stealth-mode next week. As I understand it, they’ll offer a scale-out block storage solution that can grow to Petabytes of capacity, yet still offer NVMe-type speeds using Excelero’s NVMesh software.
  • Intel – a household name. I have some insight into some of the things that Intel is working on in storage, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what they’ll present.
  • NetApp – I installed several of the first NetApp boxes in the New England area back in 1993 (back when the company thought that having the work “Appliance” in their name was a good thing…), so I’m always interested in what they’re up to. I’m hoping that they’ll be presenting on the Solidfire-based hyperconverged solutions I’ve been hearing about.
  • Nimble Storage – known for their hybrid and all-Flash storage arrays, Nimble has, more recently, started to branch out into converged and cloud-related solutions.
  • Ryussi Technologies – (I’ll admit that I had to look these folks up) I’d describe them as a company working on software-defined storage solutions intended to work with various vendors’ storage stacks. I’m going to hazard a guess that they’ll be presenting on their recently-released MoSMB (“SMB with Mojo”) offering.
  • Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) – yes, the non-profit organization working with vendors on developing and promoting standards and vendor-neutral architectures.
  • StarWind – a software-defined storage vendor, offering converged and virtualization solutions.

Follow the Event Live

All of the Storage Field Day sessions will be streamed live over the Internet with full audio and video. You can watch live on the Tech Field Day site. Keep an eye out for me — I’ll be the handsome fellow displaying the #HireDaveNow hashtag.

Speaking of hashtags, there’s always lots f Twitter traffic during the sessions. You can keep up by following the #SFD12 hashtag. If you’re viewing a live presentation and wish you could be there to ask a questions, feel free to tweet the questions at me, and I’ll ask it for you.

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