Storage Field Day 9 (#SFD9) Preview and How to Follow Along From Home

Storage Field DayIf you weren’t able to guess from my previous post about this, I’m very excited to be returning to Storage Field Day as a delegate for SFD9.

If you won’t be there at the event, I figured you might like more info on the presenters and on how you can follow along — in real time.

Watch SFD9 Live Here

You can watch the sessions live right here. The schedule of sessions is below.

SFD9 Schedule

Here’s the schedule of SFD9 presenters (yes the event will be on the West Coast, but I’m an East Coaster so I’ve given East Coast times):

Wednesday 16 March

13:00 EDT — NetApp presentation at NetApp Corporate HQ

17:00 EDT — Plexistor presentation at the SFD hotel

19:00 EDT — Delegate Roundtable at the SFD hotel (I’ve never done a delegate roundtable before, so I’m not 100% sure what to expect here)

Thursday 17 March

11:00 EDT — Violin Memory presentation at Violin Corporate HQ

13:30 EDT — Intel Storage presentation at Intel’s Executive Briefing Center

17:00 EDT — Cohesity presentation at Cohesity Corporate HQ

19:00 EDT — Delegate Roundtable

Friday 18 March

12:00 EDT — VMware Storage presentation at VMware Corporate HQ

How to Follow SFD9 in Real Time

There are two ways you can keep up with the presentations in real time.

Watch Live Videostreams

Live videostreams of the presentation will be happening on the Storage Field Day 9 webpage. You can watch the presentations live.

SFD7 saw a lot of video of the back of my head, but also caught the point where I thought another delegate was about to strangle me. No promises for what you’ll see this time, but I’m sure it will be informative.


In your favorite Twitter client, follow the #SFD9 hashtag. Pretty much all of the delegates and some of the vendors will be live-tweeting throughout the event. Join in the conversation with us, as most of us will be following that, too (I know I will).

For the best remote experience, watch the live video and tweet any questions you have for the presenters (be sure to use the #SFD9 hashtag, or tweet at my handle). I (or any of the delegates, really) will be happy to ask your question for you.

If you’re busy at the time of a presentation you’d like to see, check the website again the next day — the video recording will likely already be posted.

If you are following along from home, be sure to say “Hi!”

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