Cisco Champions for 2015 Announced

Cisco Champion 2015Last year Cisco joined the ranks of companies running community recognition programs by creating their Cisco Champion program. These programs recognize those people who go above and beyond in their efforts to share knowledge — knowledge of products, techniques, tips and tricks, you name it.

In Cisco’s own words describing Cisco Champions:

Cisco Champions are passionate about Cisco and happy to share our knowledge, experience, and feedback.

Last year, I was both humbled and excited (and, quite frankly, just a little surprised) to have been named a Cisco Champion for Data Center. It’s been a great program, one that has really worked to foster a sense of community and to provide opportunities for collaboration. My one regret on being involved in the program would be that I don’t think I took full advantage of all the opportunities offered to me.

Fortunately, I’ll have a chance to remedy that. Last night I received email informing me that I’ve been selected to remain a member of the Cisco Champions team for 2015. I’m more humbled and more excited (although perhaps slightly less surprised) to have been offered the chance to continue with this program.

Being part of the Cisco Champion community has been informative, enlightening, and a lot of fun. This year, I plan on doing my best to take far better advantage of the opportunities for collaboration that the program offers.

You can learn more about the Cisco Champions program on the Cisco page here. There’s a directory of current Cisco Champions, although I don’t think it’s been updated to include all the new folks just yet.

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