Cisco Launches Champions Program for 2013

Cisco Champion for Data CenterYesterday, Cisco began sending email notifications to the people they’re inviting to participate in the Cisco Champions Program. This program’s purpose is “to create and nurture a network of people who are passionate about Cisco and enjoy sharing their knowledge, expertise, and thoughts across the social web and with Cisco.”

I’m happy, excited, and humbled to have been invited to be a Cisco Champion for Data Center.

What are Cisco Champions? To quote Cisco on the subject:

What makes a Cisco Champion? Passion, plus a desire to share their perspectives with the community. There are Cisco Champions all over the world. They represent a variety of segments across the IT industry. And they offer their time to help others learn about Cisco and connect with Cisco in unique ways.

What will this mean to me personally? Opportunities to not only reach a wider audience, but also more opportunity to be part of a larger audience, and many more opportunities to learn. This industry is constantly changing with new technologies emerging and being used in new and innovative ways — to me it’s what keeps things exciting and interesting, and is why I’ve stayed in IT as long as I have. I love learning new things and in this field there’s always new stuff to learn. I imagine the Champions program will give me plenty of opportunities to learn more — and to share what I learn.

Looking forward to seeing where this program will take me.

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