Survey on Storage Integration with VMware

If you follow me on the Everything VMware at EMC community, you know that one of the topics I find most interesting is storage integration with VMware.  Last year, the good folks over at Wikibon conducted a massive survey on this exact topic to determine:

  1. How the various vendors stacked up compared to each other.
  2. How important people consider the various integration features.

Wikibon backed up the survey with lots of research, including interviews with the storage vendors in question.  It was my privilege in my role at EMC at the time to participate in those interviews.

(You can see the results of last year’s survey here and read my take on it here.)

Here’s where you come in: There have been a lot of changes on both the VMware and storage fronts since last year’s survey (e.g.: the release of vSphere 5, VAAI-NAS, and VASA), so Wikibon is looking to update the results.  The survey is open now and will run through 27 July.  More people taking the survey will make better and more unbiased results.

If you’re involved with VMware at any level, take a few minutes and take the survey here, then keep an eye out for when Wikibon publishes the results.

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