The Name Has Changed, but the Job Remains (Mostly) the Same

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’ve been working for a great VAR and systems integrator, Accunet Solutions, for the past 4.5 years or so.

Recently, that’s changed.

The Announcement

accunet-red-river-logoAccunet Solutions has been acquired by VAR and systems integrator Red River. Accunet will continue to use the Accunet brand, but will now be known as “Accunet, a Red River company”.

Accunet is becoming the Commercial Division of Red River. Our Founder and President, Alan Dumas (a man I both like and respect very much) is staying on as the President of that Commercial Division, which I see as a very positive sign.

To be honest, I’ve known about this for months while it was in the works, but couldn’t talk about it until it was official and the transaction was finalized. Things finalized on 7 October and were announced publicly on 26 October.

My Thoughts

Personally, I see this as a true win-win deal that will be positive for both companies.

Red River has had government customers as the vast majority of their customer base. They’ve been looking to expand and diversify into non-government accounts, but it was moving slowly. What better way to accelerate this growth than to combine forces with another company who has already had significant success in this area? Accunet is a proven company, having accomplished an awful lot with very few employees.

Accunet has been growing our revenue and customer base steadily, but slowly. To accelerate that growth rate, we really needed some outside resources. What better way to accomplish that than to combine forces with another company who is already successful, is also looking to accelerate growth, and has a similar corporate culture?

How the Change Affects Me

(Admit it — this is the part of the post you were most interested in anyways…)

As it turns out, not too much will change for me.

Naturally, the obvious changes will happen, like my paycheck coming from a different company and who I report to directly has changed (although who my direct boss reports to remains the same).

Outside of that, I’ll continue to support the accounts I’ve been supporting. I’ll also remain in the weird hybrid (Pre-Sales && Implementation) Engineer / Tech Marketer role I’ve grown into, although I see myself expanding the Pre-Sales Technical portion of my role. As we expand and grow our team, I hope to be taking more of a leadership role there in the future, but it’s too early for anyone to be really thinking about that at the moment.

I do know that we’ll be expanding both our Sales and Engineering teams in the months ahead.

Final Thoughts

I’m looking forward to being able to bring an expanded portfolio of both products and services to our existing customers, as well as getting to help expand our overall customer base. I’m excited about the way the future looks from here.

Other Views

Here are links to more information about the acquistion:

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