27 October “Caption This” Contest Winners

Two days ago I tweeted this:

Inspired by some of the responses, yesterday I tweeted this:

Which prompted some very clever responses. I thought they deserved some recognition, so here are my favorites.

The Winner

Chris Evans with:
The “IT Popeye” demonstrates the benefits of eating plenty of spinach.

Second Place

Mike Marseglia with:
No Dave, you can’t take that for the home lab.

Honorable Mentions

  • Ben Milligan — “Hold my beer”
  • Joe Clarke — Insured and bonded
  • Jon Klaus — “Dave now comfortably rolls everywhere in a wheelchair, waiting for his back to heal”
  • Mark May — “Where’s my new Pure Storage array, Vaughn?’

Due to the response, I’ll definitely send out another “Caption This” tweet next week. If there’s sufficient interest and response, I’ll start assigning and tracking point values and make it a league with quarterly overall winners. If there isn’t, I’ll still keep doing “Caption This” tweets because they amuse me.

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