Qumulo Announces New High-Density Storage Node

Qumulo logoLess than one month after emerging from stealth, storage startup Qumulo announced the availability of a new high-capacity storage node today. The announcement was timed with Qumulo’s attendance at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show.

Qumulo makes a data-aware scale-out NAS storage platform. Their combination of easy management and real-time analytics makes it possible for customers to focus on their data, rather than on their storage. If you’re not already familiar with Qumulo, you can read my introduction to them here.

What Was Announced

Qumulo QC208 nodeQumulo announced the QC208, a new 4U hardware node with eight times the capacity of their QC24 node (formerly named the Q0626).

Similar to the smaller QC24 node, the QC208 is a hybrid platform, mixing both high-performance SSD and high-capacity HDD, and also has the full feature set of the Qumulo Core software.

Also similar to the QC24, a minimum of four QC208 nodes are required to create a cluster. Clusters can be non-disruptively scaled up to 1,000 nodes. At this time QC24 nodes and QC208 nodes cannot be mixed in the same cluster.

A cluster of QC208 nodes offers a very low cost per GB of storage.


The QC208 is 4U tall and holds 39 drives, one-third of them SSD, the other two-thirds HDD. The full specifications for the QC208 are in the table below, alongside those of the QC24 for comparison.

Qumulo Specifications


The QC208 is available to order now. They will begin shipping before the end of Q2.

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