Stealth Storage Startup Qumulo Closes Series B Round of Funding

Last week, storage startup Qumulo completed a Series B round of funding, gaining an additional $40 Million in investor backing — while still in “stealth mode”. This new round of funding brings the total amount invested in Qumulo to $67 Million.

Qumulo hasn’t revealed much about themselves or their products publicly, despite having some customers who’ve deployed their product in Production. Their three co-founders all worked together as software engineers at Isilon Systems (acquired by EMC in 2010).

I have a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with Qumulo, and here are the two things I believe I’m allowed to reveal under that NDA:

  1. I’m under NDA with Qumulo.
  2. Everything I’ve seen from them so far is very, very cool.

So, rather than put my standing with them at risk, I’ll repeat here some things I was able to find out about Qumulo by doing a little web research.

Qumulo is focused on the growth of unstructured data, and see this as separate from the growth of storage. They are building a highly-scalable file system to run on commodity hardware.

Peter Godman, Qumulo’s CEO has been quoted as saying, “We are a 100 percent software company. We are building a scalable file system that works in the cloud, in virtual machines, or in hardware.” He has also been quoted as saying that Qumulo offers the ability to gain insight into data via the metadata.

As a final piece of insight into Qumulo, I refer you to this article written by Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers (KPCB), one of Qumulo’s investors, titled Why We Invested in Qumulo.

I eagerly anticipate Qumulo’s departure from stealth mode.

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