EMC Announces Addition to the Data Domain Family, the DD2200

Data Domain Model DD2200Today, in one of the product announcements made on the opening day of EMC World, EMC announced an addition to their Data Domain line of purpose-built backup appliances, the model DD2200.

DD2200’s Place in the Data Domain Line

Unlike the VNXe3200 announced last week as a replacement model, the DD2200 is a brand-new addition to the Data Domain Line. It fits right in the middle of what EMC considers their Small enterprise models, being a step up from the DD160, but not quite as big as the DD2500.

The Data Domain Family

DD2200 Specs

The DD2200 comes in one of two configurations, either a 7-drive system with 7.5TB or a 12-drive system with 17.2TB of usable physical space in a neat rack-mountable 2U package. Factor in the deduplication that Data Domain is known for and the larger configuration can protect up to 860TB of logical space.

The DD2200 can backup 3.5TB of data an hour. Add the DD Boost software, and that figure increases to 4.7TB an hour.

The DD2200 can be the target of up to 60 backup or archive streams.

New VSPEX Architectures

Along with the DD2200, EMC is rolling out several new VSPEX reference architectures that use the new model for data protection, some of which use the new VNXe3200 as primary storage. Solutions covered by the new architectures include:

  • VMware vSphere Private Cloud
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Private Cloud
  • Microsoft Exchange 2013
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2013
  • Microsoft SQL server 2012

The Private Cloud architectures come in various sizes, ranging from 50 to 300 VMs. For the purposes of sizing a VSPEX, the following assumptions are made about VM resource requirements:

  • 1 vCPU
  • 2GB RAM
  • 100GB disk space
  • 25 IOPS

If your own VM requirements are different, you’ll need to work the math to adjust the solution sizing accordingly.


The Data Domain DD2200 will be GA before the end of Q2.

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