More Heartbleed Protection: Update VMware Horizon View Client on Your Mobile Devices

The industry is still cleaning up following the news about the Heartbleed bug in OpenSSL. VMware has released updated versions of the Horizon View Client for both Android and iOS.

The easiest way to ensure you’re safe from the Heartbleed vulnerability is to check to see if there’s an update to the View Client available for your device, and if there is, install it. You can do this on Android by going to the Google Play Store and then selecting “My Apps”. On iOS, go to the App Store and select “Updates”.

If you want to be sure, here are instructions for confirming that you’re running a “Heartbleed-safe” version of the client.


To check the Horizon View Client’s version on your Android device, go to Settings and then look for the Application Manager. On my stock Nexus, it’s at the top-level of Settings options, and titled “Apps”. On my Samsung device, it’s under “More” and titled “Application manager”.

From there, you can either show the listing for “All” apps, or the “Downloaded” ones. Scroll down the list and select “VMware View”.

You’ll see info about the app, including its version and how much space it uses on your device. Here’s a screenshot from my phone:

Screenshot of View Client Info on My AndroidCheck the version number. If, like shown here, you’re running Version 2.3.3 or later, you’ve got the Heartbleed fix. If you’re running an earlier version, update the app immediately.


I’ve confirmed that these instructions work on an iPad. I don’t own an iPhone, but as I understand it, these should work there as well.

To check the Horizon View Client’s version on your iPad, go to the App Store. Select “Updates” (down on the lower right).

You’ll see a list of all application updates that on your iPad, sorted from most-recent to least-recent. Scroll down until you find VMware Horizon View.

Check the version number. If it shows that you’re running Version 2.3.3 or later, you’re “Heartbleed-free”. If you’re running an earlier version, the “UPDATE” option should be available onscreen. Select it now to upgrade to the latest version.

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