VMware Announces vExperts for 2015

VMware vExpert 2015Today, VMware announced the list of 2015 vExperts. The “vExpert” designation is not a technical certification, but instead a recognition of community engagement and personal influence within the various VMware and virtualization communities.

I am simultaneously happy, honored, proud, and humbled to have been included among the 1,056 vExperts named for 2015. This marks the fourth year in a row for me.

One of the things I like about the program is that recipients get the title for one year, and one year only. It’s awarded based on things the recipient did during the previous calendar year. If you decide to rest on your laurels or go inactive, you won’t get the title again next year.

My favorite thing about the program is the people involved. All of the vExperts I’ve met — many of whom work in direct competition with each other — are all committed to sharing knowledge, tips, tricks, techniques, and generally helping others learn and improve.

You can see the full list of vExpert 2015 list on the VMware blog site here.

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