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Today, EMC announced a community-driven recognition program called EMC Elect.  I’m very proud to follow that with the announcement that I have been one of ten people selected as Founding Members of this new program.

The idea of the program is to recognize and reward technical contributors and knowledge sharers in the EMC community.  The recognition and program are analogous to Microsoft’s MVP program and VMware’s vExpert program.

I’m honored and humbled to have been selected for this.

When I received notification that I’d been selected as a VMware vExpert, I was blown away. It meant a lot to me to be considered among those in the VMware community I’d come to respect and hold in high regard.

This one’s a little different. No such program existed before today. I’m one of ten (10!) people selected as a Founder. That’s huge, and again, humbling.

What’s a Founder? Well, we’ve been asked to be the leaders in advocacy, not just for EMC (we were already doing that), but for the EMC Elect program itself. Yes, we’re doing outreach in the community to get help in creating a community of folks who reach out.

That’s right. There are ten people in the EMC Elect program today, but they’re not stopping there. Nominations for the EMC Elect recognition are open now until 15 December. Got someone you think should be similarly recognized (maybe even you)? Take a minute and nominate them to the program using the link to the nomination form below.

EMC Elect Info

Posts from other Founders

Want to see other folks’ take on this program? Read posts from some of the other Founding Members:

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