Gear Review: Cocoon GRID-IT Organizers

[Disclaimer: This is an unsolicited review for a product I purchased.  I have received nothing for writing it.  The manufacturer isn’t even aware that I’m writing it.]

I’m a firm believer in being prepared — so much so that I tend to carry a lot of stuff with me on a daily basis.  Friends and co-workers often make fun of me for it, and particularly for the weight of the backpack that I bring to the office and to events.  Of course, when I’m able to produce the item we need, they back off a little bit.

The point of having everything with you is to be able to find the exact thing you need as quickly as possible.  In service of this, I’m always looking for new and better ways to organize the things I carry.

I was very happy to discover the Cocoon GRID-IT System.  The system is incredibly simple, yet very effective and remarkably clever.  The organizer itself is a simple flat card, covered on one side with irregularly-woven, heavy-duty elastic straps.

That’s it.  Nothing fancy.

What it lacks in fanciness, it makes up for in practicality.  The pattern of straps makes it very easy to hold different-sized items, even oddly-shaped ones, and to configure them however you’d like.

For an example of a simple configuration, the GRID-IT 7 x 5 Inch that I carry every day is pictured below:

My 7x5 GRID-IT

Whiteboard markers, big black marker, laundry pen, Krazy glue, Sharpie pen.

For an example of a more-complex use, with irregularly-shaped items, the GRID-IT 10.25 x 5.125 Inch that I gave Remily for Christmas is pictured below, shown with some of her common knitting tools:

Some of Remily's Knitting Tools

Crochet hook, lip balm, really short knitting needle, pin with circle at top, tape measure, sewing needle, scissors, embroidery thread.

(No, I’m not familiar with the correct names of many knitting tools — why do you ask?)

 All-in-all, I’m very happy with the Cocoon GRID-IT system, and happy declare it GeekFluent-approved.

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