Farewell, VMTurbo. Welcome, Turbonomic!

If you’re a regular reader, you know I’ve been a fan of VMTurbo from the start.

turbo-heartWell, as of a week ago, VMTurbo is no more. Don’t worry — they haven’t gone away, they’ve changed their name to Turbonomic, to rebrand themselves in the IT marketspace. The name change comes in three parts.

First, they lost the “VM”. This is part of a move to show that they’re not just for virtual environments any more. That’s where they got their start, and while their product monitoring and management functionality has expanded beyond that, a lot of folks still think of them in that “virtual-only” box.

Second, is “Turbo”. They kept this as part of their name because it still applies. The idea is that they can help your IT infrastructure perform at “Turbo speed”.

Lastly, the “nomic”. This comes from two sources. The first is the economic modeling that the Turbonomic algorithms use for resource allocation. The second is how they allow for autonomic management of the IT environment.

I’m looking forward to more new developments coming out under the new name.

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