EMC World 2014 Discount Giveaway (limited quantities)!

EMC World, EMC’s annual big-deal conference is coming up 5-8 May in Las Vegas.

As a side-benefit of the EMC Elect program, I have a (small) number of discount codes, worth $150 off the registration price, to give away.

Thanks to the generosity of my fellow EMC Elect members Ian Anderson, Hrvoje Crvelin, Adam Eckerle, Jonathan Frappier, and Damian Karlson, I currently have a total of 16 discount codes to give away.

I want to make sure that the discounts will go to folks who will actually use them, so let me put the qualifiers, limitations, caveats, and other info up front:

  • You need to actually be going to the conference
  • The discount can be used on a new registration
  • The discount can be applied after-the-fact to an existing registration
  • Only one discount code (or the early-bird gift) can be applied to a registration, so if you registered with another code already you’d need to remove that one (or give up your early-bird gift)
  • The code is unique, so if you give it to someone else and they apply it first, you’ll be out of luck

Still with me? Great.

How to Apply for a Discount Code

  1. Leave a comment to this post (sign in so I’ll have a working email address for you).
  2. Convince me that you’re actually going to EMC World (either about to register or are already registered).

I’ll reach out to you privately and give out as many discount codes as I can on a first-come, first-served basis.

Hope to see you at EMC World in May!

17 thoughts on “EMC World 2014 Discount Giveaway (limited quantities)!

  1. I am looking forward to attend the EMC World this year. I have been been dreaming on attending this conference for years (10 years) and this year will finally be the year. I am excited to network with smart and brilliant folk who have the same passion and dedication about EMC’s technology stack.

    • Are you registered for the conference?

      I can get you the discount either way, the instructions for applying the discount are different for “registering” and “already registered”. Let me know and I’ll send you a code.

      • I am registering today or the latest on Monday April 7, 2014 to take advantage of the early bird discount. If you can send the discount code today that will be great so that I can make the arrangement today. Looking forward to seeing you at EMC World.

  2. I am hsppy get one of your discount codes. I was EMC Elect last year and I really look forward to go Momentum at EMC World thus year. I have travel and visit request approved from management.

  3. Hi, I’m not sure if I’m late. I have booked my hotel and flight to Atlanta. Do you still have discount code available and can it be used now? (I noticed that some discount is only valid by Apr.7th)



    • Yes, I do still have some discount codes, and would be happy to send you one. There seems to have been trouble using them at registration time since 7 April, so the best bet would be for you to use it for the after-the-fact credit (I can send instructions on how to apply for that).

      My only concern is that you say you’re flying to Atlanta — the EMC World conference is in Las Vegas this year.

  4. Hi, I am registering for EMC world now and would appreciate a registration code. If it does not work then I will do it for after registering. Let me know.

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