The Obligatory Introductory Blog Post


Hello, and welcome to GeekFluent, my new side project.  (Who am I?  Check out the site’s convenient “About” page.)

Why this blog?  And why now, when I’m even busier than ever?

Excellent questions.  I’ll take them one at a time.

Why This Blog?

Several reasons, really, varying from serious to not-so-serious.

In the always-connected information age we’re in, I think personal branding is becoming the replacement for job titles, and in some cases even job descriptions.  I think I’m at a point in my career where my personal brand is actually fairly well-developed, but not always communicated as widely or as well as I might wish.  This blog should be an excellent vehicle for helping that communication as well as any necessary refining.  (And, hopefully, through the process, I’ll even get to discover aspects of both myself and that branding that even I’ve been previously unaware of.)

It seems like everyone who’s anyone in the technology industry has their own stand-alone blog these days.  It’s time for me to be an “anyone”, too.  :-)

This blog will be a place for me to express my technology-related thoughts that are still relevant, but fall outside the scope of my job.

Putting things out into the public light is a great way to connect with other folks out there who share similar interests.  I’ve experienced this a lot over Twitter (where you can find me as @davemhenry), but here I hope to be able to do that more than 140 characters at a time…

Lastly, I’m hoping that this will also be fun.  It certainly has been so far, doing the layout, graphic design and writing the main topic pages.

Why Now, When I’m Busier Than Ever?

Actually, I think that it’s because I’m busier than ever that makes now the right time to do this.

If I keep rushing from one thing to another and don’t take the time to reflect upon them, I miss the opportunity that’s there for getting all of the learning from available from the experience.

Also, sometime it’s easy for tech people to get so busy that other folks aren’t aware of all the things they’re doing. (It’s certainly happened to me before.)  That doesn’t necessarily hurt, but it sure doesn’t help, that personal branding I mentioned above.

In Conclusion

Thanks for coming by and checking things out.  In the days and months ahead, I’ll be adding content that you’ll hopefully find both useful and thought-provoking.  I look forward to ongoing future dialogs here.

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