I love me my Android phone.

I’ve always been a gadget guy, but it’s been a long time since I felt this strongly about a particular gadget. The platform seems very extensible, and, if I had the time, I’d be learning Java right now so I could start writing my own apps for it.

The last gadgets I felt this strongly about were both Palm OS devices. The first was back in the pre-smartphone age. I owned one of the early-model Palm Pilots, back when they were still US Robotics. I hacked the hardware to enhance the device some.

After that, I owned a HandSpring. I really liked the “modular hardware” approach. It reminded me of the old Atari game cartridges somehow. The device start to become really useful, however, when I got my hands on a phone module…

I use my Android daily, sure, as a phone, but also as a Swiss Army knife of productivity.  If anything I feel like there’s a lot more I could be doing with it.

My favorite Android tools, tricks, and tips will be one of the categories of my postings here.


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  1. richard says:

    I guess I’ll get the ball rolling.
    While working at a high-tech firm, our CEO (a brilliant technologist and take no BS kind of guy) was having problems connecting to our Wi-Fi. He was visiting the US Corporate office. My signals were hitting his office. The problem was his Mac, it’s WiFi and BlueTooth. He had just purchased a Bluetooth mouse.
    I whipped out my Android Tablet fired up WiFi Analyzer and showed him the Wireless Access Points ihe was connecting to and the fact that the frequencies were not overlapping and were quite strong. He was very impressed with the App. Since he was a busy man I decided not to mess around with his Mac’s drivers especially since he was travelling. I put a WAP in his office and it seemed to solve the problem. I sent him info backing my theory, suggesting that he resolve this or else he’d have issues at other locations. Four months later I went to Israel and found out that he had a WAP put in his office.

    • GeekFluent GeekFluent says:

      WiFi Analyzer is high on my own list of favorite Android apps. I’ve shown it to a few network engineers over the past few years and they either downloaded it immediately, or became sad that they had an iPhone.

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