DIM Projects

Sometimes, it’s fun to get away from the computers and actually make something with my hands and create something tangible.

Don’t get me wrong — the majority of what I do for work involves creating things.  I write.  I create content.  I work on messaging.  I create whiteboards.  I help other people with what they’re creating.  The job’s pretty much all about creation.

But I don’t get to create anything I can touch.  Sometimes it feels good to work with my hands (and, of course, power tools) and create something that can’t be shared electronically.  Adding the physical element to the mental element of creation.

The Internet is a great source of all sorts of DIY (Do It Yourself) projects.  Being a literalist, I can’t really write about DIY projects.  Instead, I’m really only able to write about DIM (Did It Myself) projects.


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